Descended Challenge! 20

16.01.2017 – 22.01.2017

Agni Descended! woodpy
Deus ex Machina Descended! shinpy
Gran Reverse Descended! – Dragon Enchanced badpy
Zeus & Hera Descended! flampy
Journey to the West bubpy
Surtr Descended! – All Att Needed HP+50
Grimoires Descended! ATK+50
Zeus Mercury Descended! RCV+50
Cauchemar Descended! Water Snowglobe
Satan Descended! – No RCV PreDra
Hera-Is Descended! Tamadra +9
Guan Yinping! – Physical & Healer Enhance 5k PAL Points
Gaia Descended! – God Enchanced 5M Coins
Hero Descended! Queen Metal Dragon

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